Confidentiality as a Global Brand

MegaProSoft goes to lengths to make sure that your privacy is maintained and your information is absolutely secure.
We understand that your company's intellectual property which encompasses trade secrets, physical assets, patents, financial information, and employee knowledge is crucial to the success of your business and hence we put our best efforts in safeguarding them.

At MegaProSoft, it is our clients' security that matters to us the most.

All the facets of intellectual property mentioned above are sensitive information that is not only important for the growth and success of the business, but also for the very existence of the same. Thus, in all our services, we hold it with paramount importance to protect every bit of your intellectual property and propriety information. We do our best to prevent unauthorized access as well as software tampering, reverse engineering , any and all kinds of thievery.


MegaProSoft goes to lengths to make sure that your privacy is maintained and your information is absolutely secure. And in order to ensure that we actually deliver the promises of confidentiality to the satisfaction of our clients, we implement necessary physical, electronic and managerial procedures., especially for the information that we collect online. Before starting our client-service provider relationship, we will request you to sign our Terms and Conditions Client Contract. It is in that contract that you can specify exactly which representative from your company we should contact in order to discuss the details of your project at any given time. Moreover, you can also mention any safety procedures you would like to be put in place. You will have our guarantee that at no time will we ever disclose your content, trade secrets, or media to any unauthorized third party. In addition to that you will forever be the owner of any and all files, pictures, content, including all back-end programming and software that are outlined in our contract.

Confidentiality as a Global Brand:

We are a global-minded brand and thus, we put in our best efforts in saving your information both at home and abroad. Whenever a software product, application, or design project for a client, is developed at MegaProSoft, we make sure that the algorithms, trade secrets, and professional knowledge is protected with the tightest of security measures and thereby, we also secure your investment.

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