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At MegaProSoft, you can get all your dedicated resource requirements fulfilled. We offer dedicated staff and resource for:

  • Web development
  • Online marketing
  • Web designing
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile app development
  • CMS development
  • CRM development

You can outsource your requirements to us, and allow our management to take care of your business needs. If you need, we can also send out resources to your office/location to serve as your dedicated team.

Our Web Development Resources

As a professional company, we offer dedicated resource hiring services to various types of businesses and industries. Our team of highly skilled development professionals, weather-beaten in the industry for long years, makes sure that your web property can stand out from your competitors easily. You can hire our team on a part time, hourly, daily or even monthly basis. You may also choose the number of resources that you need for your own project.

We have a huge pool of developers who are driven by the passion to create online applications and innovative websites for multiple industries. Since our inception, we have worked for some of the most extraordinary clients across the globe. Our team has an excellent track record for creating some of the most unique websites and online apps, tailored to cater to the innovative needs of our customers. Should you want our team to work from our office, you can get constant communication in the form of chat, phone, email and other modes.

Our developer resource comprises of:

  • Php Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • ASP .Net Developers
  • VB .Net Developers
  • Java Developers
  • C++ Developers
  • Silver Light Developers

Our Web Designing Resources

For companies that require specific resources for satisfying their business needs, we offer high quality dedicated web designing resource hiring services. With us, you can get completely affordable solutions. We create websites that can reflect the goals and reputation of your business.

There is no need for you to hire permanent employees and spend on training and infrastructure. Our designs are tailored to your specific business requirements and our professional team creates conversion-based websites which attract customers easily to your business. Our team designs beautiful websites keeping an eye on your business objectives, and ensure that they are able to provide you with the leads that you want. As there is no training required, you can start work as soon as possible.

Our designer resource includes:

  • Website designers
  • Graphic designers
  • CSS designers
  • HTML designers

Our Digital Marketing Resources

We offer impeccable, dedicated digital marketing resources, to commit completely on your projects and work in the time shifts that you want. Whether you want our team to work onsite or offsite, it can be arranged. You can get the best services with the flexibility, expertise and affordability and minus the headaches of recruitment, retention and management.

Our digital marketing solutions consist of numerous promotional channels such as Pay-Per-Click Advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Brand Monitoring, email marketing including e-newsletters etc. When it comes to promoting your products, services and brand online, you can completely rely on us. The resource team that you hire will be fully committed to your project and remain in constant touch with you via email, Skype, phone and other modes.

Our Digital Marketing resources comprise of:

  • SEO Executives
  • SMM Executives
  • PPC Executives
  • ORM Executives

Our digital marketing services consist of:

  • Search Engine Marketing – We use the best online marketing strategies that can boost awareness about your brand and offerings over the web.
  • Social Media Marketing – We devise solid strategies to ensure relevant and effective ways that can help your business to get more customers.
  • IT Services –Whether you need software, hardware, IT-support, guidance on IT requirements or networking, you can rely on us.
  • Reputation Management –We can create a positive online reputation for your business over the web and make sure that it is maintained at all times. Whether on social networking websites, forums or any other platform, we can help you out and protect your brand reputation from deliberate negative campaigns of competitors.
  • Brand Monitoring – We help you to establish your brand identity with the aid of innovative designs, which can aid your business to stand out of the clutter.
  • Content Strategy – We can develop new content from scratch or make use of the existing content of clients.
  • Integrated Marketing – We can assist you to launch a new discipline or a new service, so that you can enter a new market easily.
  • Email marketing – We can create targeted or bulk HTML email campaigns that ensure that your business message reaches out to the widest range of potential customers over the web.

Our Mobile Application Resources

If you need dedicated mobile app developer resources on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you can get completely flexible options from us. With an experienced mobile app development team in place, we have the ability to create and execute apps for smartphones and other mobile devices within fast schedules.

From us, you can expect engaging dedicated resources suited to your specific requirements. Our trained resources function according to your instructions and guidelines. With advanced interaction system, infrastructure, scalable tools and processes, we ensure fast and cost-effective results. Our team offers mobile application and software development services for varied platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. From planning to creation of prototypes and the final deployment, our team can ensure that the next big thing in the world of mobile apps comes from your end.

You can inform us about your requirements and get tailored packages that satisfy your needs and budget. You can get mobile apps are performance-driven and designed for the future. These are superior in quality and designed to be widely compatible. These are able to streamline even mundane tasks for providing users with the best results.

Our Mobile Application Developer Resources consist of:

  • iPhone Application Developers
  • Android Application Developers
  • BlackBerry Application Developers
  • Windows Application Developers

Our CMS Development Resources

With professional CMS development resource hiring services from our end, you can maximize productivity and profitability for your business. We are able to work with various types of Content Management Systems (CMS). Whether Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Kentico or SiteCore CMS, we have the expertise, experience and skills to handle any type of CMS and provide your business with a strategic advantage. Our work consists of portals, social networking websites, community websites and various other sites that are content-based. You can hire our team to work with your in-house team, and even use them as your own team if you do not have any company staff to handle CMS development projects. When it comes to dedicated resource hiring for CMS, you can get impeccable solutions from our end.

Our Mobile Application Developer Resources consist of:

  • WordPress Developers
  • Saas Developers
  • Drupal Developers
  • Joomla Developers
At MegaProSoft, you can hire dedicated resources for all your business requirements. We ensure full security for all your projects, as we have complete Firewall Protection and Network Security to offer to all our clients. If you need cost-effective and dedicated resources comprising of experts, you can contact us for service, solution and consultation.

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