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With a record sale of 108 million units of Apple’s internet and multimedia-enabled multi-touch screen smartphone in the year 2011 redefined the standard of user interface coupled with the popularity of the app store.

Why only the Iphone?

The Design- Hold any iPhone in your one hand and any top notch android in the other, you will know the difference. Sleek, elegant, and more classy than any other phone could ever be. Simply Beautiful.

Simplicity- As Steve jobs always wanted, ’ Technology should be a extension of oneself.’ It works like an appliance. Gets everything done without you realising it in the most graceful way possible. Ease of use is not something anyone could compare on paper, use one and know it for yourself.

Effortless pictures- We know the android devices have reached the venus when it comes to megapixels and taunting to be better than iPhone’s camera. But they never could be. iPhone takes amazing snaps every single time and while choosing from 100 pics on iPhone, you might end up just deleting like 5 pics whereas on android devices you would rather have to choose 5 from the 100 that you'll keep and delete rest others.

Speed- It's not about the gigs of ram or the more muscular processor Speed- It's not about the gigs of ram or the more muscular processor, it comes down to how your phone will handle the tasks thrown at it. And iPhone does that great. All your games, apps, desktop class photo editing and movie maker, you name it.

The status symbol- Like it or not, Apple has the status quo that no one will ever be able to take away from it. Using an Apple is actually much more than the social status, it's social currency.

It is only the iPhone was the device that changed the mobile world forever.

Iphone App Development Details

How iPhone Application facilitates Business Verticals:

MegaProSoft’ mobile development team comprises of people who think years ahead and thus whether it is cutting-edge gaming, entertainment, productivity, utility, finance or widely popular education-related apps in the Apple App Store, MegaProSoft has a wide collection of all. iPhone is known for a providing its users with unlimited possibilities across businesses and industries. We boast of some of the best onshore and offshore iOS programmers whose main aim is to catapult your business to newer heights with the help of their extensive knowledge and experience.

Expanding Possibilities with Custom iPhone Apps:

Nothing works like customized iPhone apps to integrate the business environments and MegaProSoft’ helps you to do just that with its wide array of iPhone native applications and iPhone web application development solutions. Our developers tune into their genius and experience to deliver you exactly what you are looking for. We offer:
  • iPhone app conceptualization to submission
  • iPhone application design and user interface
  • Onshore and offshore iPhone application development
Our iPhone consultants assist you in figuring out which iPhone Application is going to work the best for your organization. Yes, there are quite a few options to choose from like business, gaming, or entertainment applications. If you are not quite sure about any of these categories, all you have to do is define your priorities to us and we will give you the solutions in a jiffy.

Iphone App Development Details

Why Choose Us:

Our team of dedicated iPhone app developers work hard to give you personalized yet professional applications. We are considered the industry leaders because we provide:
  • Personalized iPhone app development
  • Team comprising of highly experienced iPhone application programmers
  • Expertise in iPhone SDK, iPhone OS and Objective C Technology
  • Avant garde iPhone applications development processes, minimal risk of bugs
  • On time delivery of projects, every time
  • Signed non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality
  • Budget-friendly and professional iPhone app development

Transferring Existing App to iPhone Platform:

When it comes to expanding an organization’s audience reach to considerable extent, app portability comes in handy. Our iPhone app developers give you the best of this process by porting other existing applications to the iPhone platform. We have developers operating from various countries like India, who give you the solutions that you need by porting lackBerry, iPad and Android applications to iPhone platform.

Flexibility of Hiring Indian iPhone App Developers According to Your Requirements:

MegaProSoft’ promotes a flexible engagement delivery model which gives you the opportunity to hire a dedicated iPhone application development team on a full-time, half-time and hourly basis. You can also increase the number of developers in your hired team anytime you feel like speed up the process of iPhone programming as your requirements increase.

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