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Social Media Marketing actually works very closely with social media sites in terms of creation and distribution of content and some forms of viral marketing.

Reputation Management - A Brand New Business Marketing Concept:

Did you ever put much thought into enhancing your online visibility for attracting more web visitors and therefore enjoy better business? If you have, he question that you must have pondered on is how exactly do you succeed in doing so. Who exactly will help you to get your business on track again? These are few of the questions that every business owners ask themselves, especially the ones who are riddled with problems of dwindling customers and deteriorating businesses. This is exactly where we can help you. We will provide you a comprehensive set of customized online promotional solutions which will drastically improve your online visibility and therefore business. Our online reputation management experts are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in delivering effective online solutions to help promote your brand to your targeted customers and they can help you to minimize losses and improve ROI.
Reputation Management

How We Help You Achieve a Perfect Online Reputation or Brand Image:

We prefer to take a tailored approach towards each of our projects. The methodologies that we implement are approved and appreciated by industry leaders from various sectors who are also our clients. First we conduct a feasibility test on your website and determine the root cause of its inability in attracting the targeted customers. Our experts then implement the most effective methods to boost the positive image of your company online by creating good remarks, comments about your company. Our services include:
  • Posting of positive feedback, comments on various forums, answers and social media sites
  • Negating the effects of wrong and malicious propaganda launched by your competitors
  • Generating positive remarks and customer testimonial about your brand, products and services
  • Cleanse the online image of your business

Who Needs Online Reputation Management:

  • Companies facing extreme competition either locally or globally
  • Companies whose online fame has been tarnished by its competitors
  • Companies that lack customers even after having good product line
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists, business consultants prefer to have an online presence in order to appeal to potential clients online
In case a business' online image has been unjustly tarnished by its competitors through negative comments, we delete the negative comments and remarks by creating positive remarks in various forums, answers and blogs. By generating good reviews about your business; we reverse the negative impacts of the false comments posted by your competitors and help you to get online traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Reputation Management Services:

  • How much time is needed to eradicate all the negative comments and promote positive ones ?
    3-6 months is generally required for removing all the negative promotion and replacing them with positive feedback. It may take longer if your competitors continue to create negative remarks about you.
  • Is this service guaranteed to be effective?
    Results are 100% guaranteed. While the campaign is ongoing, in case no bad reviews are freshly created, we can push bad reviews beyond 1st or 2nd page.
  • How long does the service need to continue?
    An ORM campaign generally runs for 3-6 months. If new bad reviews from your competitors keep coming in, the service will need to continue for longer

A Brief Synopsis:

MegaProSoft' online reputation management service can turn your sluggish business into a really profitable one by increasing visitor traffic to your website. MegaProSoft knows that the success of every business depends heavily on the standard of online promotion that is being conducted for it. With a deep understanding of this knowledge, we have been able to formulate the most innovative company branding and online reputation management solutions for our customers from round the globe.

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