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Our websites are made using your specifications as a guideline and are therefore designed to meet your business goals. Our knowledge of all the latest web development technologies

A web site design based upon thorough study, planning, creativity and functionality can improve the visibility of your online presence and thereby increase your business' overall profits. An user-friendly website that loads faster than other similar websites and facilitates online transactions is bound to get better traffic and generate more business. This obviously leads to a stark increase in Return Over Investment (ROI).

Website development

What the Website development Process Entails:

In order to understand the process of website development clearly, take into account all the factors that influence the process:
  • Function of the website
  • Types of products or services offered
  • Target visitors and what their expectations are from the website
  • The style and design of the website
  • Pictures and images reflecting the characteristics of the website
  • Easy navigation for visitors
  • Highlights on special features
  • Analysis of visitors' goal
At MegaProSoft, our team of well learned and experienced web designers and developers provide customized services as per the clients requirement and standard. Our websites are made using your specifications as a guideline and are therefore designed to meet your business goals. Our knowledge of all the latest web development technologies help us to provide you with the best websites that give a clear competitive edge. As our designs are backed by creativity, properly analysis of business goals, customer-centric, fast loading and search engine optimized, they open new business opportunities for you.

Creative Design

Serving You with Creative Design

Our work process includes:
  • Information Gathering for Website Design and Development
  • Sending the report of the analysis to the client for their approval
  • Planning
  • Design and viability test
  • Building the website
  • Website testing
  • Going live
  • Evaluating the website
  • Providing support and maintenance service
  • Proceeding with website optimization

Information Gathering

Information Gathering : Purpose, Goal and Target Audience Of The Website:

This is the first and also the most crucial stage of website designing process. It is important to have a clear understanding of the purpose of website and who the targeted visitors are. It is them that the website will serve. In order to avoid confusion during the later stages of the process, it is necessary that certain factors are discussed at the very beginning. These are:
  • What is the purpose of website?
  • Who are the target audience?
  • What should be the design & content of the website?
  • Who are your competitors and their strength
  • Sending the report of the analysis to the client for approval
Once the process of analysis is complete, it is our policy at MegaProSoft to send a document of findings about the project to our client for approval. This document comprises of all the information we collect during the analysis of the project. This document needs to be approved by the client so that we can make sure that we are on the same page with them. In case something missing or any doubt arises then we try to clear the confusion through another round of meetings.

Approval of Document By The Client

After all the discussions and queries about the project requirement is done after sending the initial document, we send the final document for approval to our clients. Once the document is approved by the client, we proceed with the planning a unique design for the website.

Web Design Planning

During the planning stage, we first make necessary planning by organizing all the information collected from the client via a static site map. This site map contains all the categories and sub-categories in a structured manner and the plans for a proper navigation between all the navigations and features. This site map gives a clear indication of pages in the site and the navigation, especially during the initial phases of the project. Site map forms the bedrock of the website design.

Design and Feasibility Test before Development

Then it is time for our graphic designers to design unique and theme based templates. We will design around four unique templates in .jpg format to give the client a clear idea about the final look and feel of the website. The one the client likes the most will be our final framework. During this stage we can incorporate any change that the client might suggest. It is during this stage that we also run some feasibility tests to know whether an option or design is viable or not. After these tests are completed, we start building the website.

Website Development

Website Development:

Website development is the most important stage, right after the designing phase. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced developers use the latest technologies to make your website live and functional. The development process starts from the homepage. Then all the categories and subcategories are added to make it structured. The addition of proper navigation makes the website ready to use.

MegaProSoft is very particular of the following factors during the development process:
  • Minimum coding
  • XHTML/CSS based coding for better functionality of the website
  • Proper navigation
  • Browser compatibility
  • Resolution compatibility
  • Fast loading website
We aim to make your website highly interactive for maximum engagement with implementation of blogs, forums, contact forms, shopping cart, flash and animation features. During the entire development process, we send you regular updates, so that you can tell us about any suggestion that you think will be good for the website and we can incorporate the same.

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